Thursday, December 16, 2010

2000-2010...Some interesting facts about this decade.

This has been a decade that will go down in history as one of the most devastating ever. Like most decades it has had its share of tragedy, growth, war, financial ups and downs and creative genius. UNLIKE most decades though, this has had all of those normal peaks and valleys, TO THE TENTH POWER! We have all witnessed the myriad of maladies that have encumbered our nation over the past few years and the vast casualties we have suffered in two wars and several attacks here and overseas so there is no need to dwell on them. And we have all witnessed the creative genius that has restored our ranking as a nation in the medical, science, electronics and social forefronts. Needless to say, this decade will be remembered by all and missed by few. I for one will be elated to put this decade behind me.
Here are just a few noteworthy changes...

Price of gas in year 2000- $1.48/gal,  year 2010-$3.09/gal...more than doubled

Stamped letters mailed year 2000- 55.1 billion, year 2010- 29.8 billion (45% decrease)

Unemployment year 2000-4%, year 2010- 9.6% (140% increase)

Price of gold year 2000-$284 per oz. year 2010- $1400 per oz. (380% increase) I should have listened.

FaceBook users year 2000-0, year 2004-1 million, year 2010-500 Million users

Homeownership rate year 2000-67.1%, Homeownership rate 2004-69%, Homeownership rate year 2010-

National debt year 2000-$5.7 Trillion, year 2010-$14 Trillion (142% increase)

Dow Jones Industrial year 2000-10,940, year 2002-7700, year 2007-14,000, year 2008-6,500, year 2010-11, 500.

Mortgage interest rates year 2000-8% average for the year, year 2010- 4.85% average for the year.

IPod's sold year 2002-381,000, year 2010 52.3Million (sold my Apple shares @$70.00/share)

And last...Number of blogs year 2004-3 Million, year 2010....130 Million

I look forward to the next decade with great optimism. America and many other nations have endured one of the hardest decades in history. If you didn't lose anything, then you had nothing to lose. We have all learned many valuable lessons. Now let's invest those lessons in the next decade and make it the best one yet.
Happy Holidays and Happy new decade!


  1. this must have been SUCH a wast of time

  2. oh and by the way 2010 was not a distourus decade, after all we all were suposed to bie in 2011 anyway so ya... BDWYFGSOGDFVSOUV HAHAH